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You sometimes feel like you’re stuck with the same routine day in day out - even the weekend can feel like a stale routine. You always keep an eye out for weekend ideas - for solo escapes or for quality time with the kids or a close group of mates. You constantly crave a change, something different, something to recharge your batteries after a monotonous week. You can imagine the feeling of gravel under your boots, the crisp wind in your hair, the smell of smoky charcoal, and the sound of nature in your ears as you dream about your next weekend get away.
— You like the sound of fresh air and nights filled with star gazing - you’re a Weekend Retreater.

Sometimes we need that quick escape to recharge our batteries and spend valuable time with those who matter most. You don't have to travel far to enjoy the secluded beauty of nature, and escape the bustle of daily life. The Cotswolds offers not only stunning views of lakes and picturesque landscapes, but also charming log cabins that are a perfect home away from home. With over 3,000 miles of footpaths across 800 square miles of countryside there's plenty of scope to explore and find natural masterpieces of ancient woodlands and wildflower meadows. Aside from the nature there are some beautiful villages to be explored- from Burford, Bourton-on-Water to Chedworth. The region's distinctive Cotswold stone architecture houses antiques markets and a plentiful supply of local pubs. The Cotswolds is famed for its local fare including Old Spot pork, lamb, fruit and veg, and of course Gloucester cheese (which they're absolutely potty about) and there are an array of quaint local eateries in which to sample it. 


A long weekend retreat needn't be spent on dry land, adventure and scenery in the comfort of a British isles cruise is a unique experience. Discover the Scottish Lochs, Highlands & Islands and take in picturesque lochs and waterways discovering beautiful, untouched remote islands. In Kirkwall you'll find the 5000 year old Skara Brae and you can discover  the Standing Stones of Stenness along with the many great jewels the Orkney islands have to offer. There could not be a better way to make the most of a short yet invigorating long weekend.


A weekend retreat can also turn into a long weekend, or even a weeklong retreat and this is when your options become abundant. Soaking in the magic of the dancing Northern Lights is a once in a lifetime experience. Iceland’s enchanting landscape is home to hundreds of traditional cottages, cosy log cabins, and ice igloos perfect for that special moment. Picture a crisp white carpet, snow-capped lodges and evergreen pines frosted with dusty snow. Whether you choose to nestle up to a wintery Malt og Appelsín - a festive Icelandic drink in your glass igloo, or choose to head to an ice bar for Brennivín, Iceland’s beloved schnapps, there are endless ways to enjoy the country’s bewitching nights with loved ones. There are also countless ways to immerse yourself in the Icelandic landscape, from reindeer, horse, and husky safaris to ice fishing, hiking, and winter sports- you become at one with wilderness. However, if you want to experience Iceland’s distinctive landscape from afar, why not opt for an air tour via helicopter or even air balloon to soak in remarkable views from above. Alternatively, pamper yourself by unwinding in a smoke sauna, and be sure to take a dip in the icy water afterwards! 


No matter how long or short your ideal weekend retreat is, Regal Travel's very own weekend retreaters are on hand to craft the perfect weekend escape for you.



Weekend Retreats

These are just a small selection of the quick weekend adventures that we are able to put together for you.