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Sangria at Regal Travel
You live to eat. You’ll go anywhere to try something amazing, you’re obsessed with sniffing out new things to try. Whether it be the best tapas or most exquisite sushi, you’re always on the hunt for new foodspirations. You can’t get enough of bustling food markets and terrific street food. The sights, sounds, smells, and sensational flavours mesmerise you - you can hardly believe the array of edible masterpieces the world’s markets and streets have to offer.
— You live for incredible gastronomic experiences - you are a Foodie Adventurer.
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Of all the destinations a Foodie Adventurer could hope to explore, the Catalan capital Barcelona is a gastronomic hub bursting with not only traditional food sensations, but also culture, history, and architecture. One of the city’s most celebrated beverages is Sangria, a beloved traditional Spanish drink and companion to a hot summer day with friends and family. Traditionally this fruity concoction is infused with blood red Rioja wine, but white wine and Cava are also popular choices that offer a more modern twist. Barcelona is studded with quaint, rustic, and welcoming restaurants all offering their unique flavours. The historic restaurant Los Caracoles was founded in 1835 - nestled in the narrow streets of the Gothic district this charismatic spot serves the most traditional Catalan flavours. Here you will find in its cosy interior the most untouched taste of the original Sangria, Catalan roast chicken, strawberry gazpacho, and the restaurant’s signature dish “Paella Los Caracoles” amongst many other traditional delights. 


If traditional fare is not your thing, then avant-garde dining at Tickets will captivate not only your taste buds but also your senses. Utilising fresh, seasonal local produce the renowned Adrià brothers dream up edible works of art, transforming and reinventing the very idea of tapas. This exclusive restaurant’s signature sangria is named El Bulli - consisting of light and summery watermelon, this innovative take on a traditional drink is found nowhere else. In this gastronomic playground you will find manchego cheese served atop airy puffs, fresh octopus accompanied by spicy and crisp Korean kimchi amongst many other bonkers yet ingenious dishes. Located on the popular “Tapas Street” of Barcelona, Tickets is an extremely sought after eatery so make sure you book a table at least 2 months in advance!


When it comes to fish and seafood, the Mediterranean immediately springs to mind - whether in Mellieha, Malta, Paphos, Cyprus or around the harbours of Palma de Mallorca the seafood dishes of the Mediterranean are well worth traveling for. In his book Mediterranean Escapes, Rick Stein the much loved authority on all things seafood exclaims you 'simply must go.' Whilst on the subject of the Mediterranean one can't overlook the fresh and delightful produce available in markets across nations. The fresh markets of Aix en Provence offer the heady aromas of France's best cheeses, and The Pazar Market in Split, Croatia offers the ripest and reddest tomatoes you could imagine with the market surrounded by local eateries where you can sample this fresh produce and the traditional local fare. 


If you're the kind of foodie that looks for a little spice to tingle your tastebuds, the Far East is the place to go. Bangkok is most certainly a foodie's paradise with a vast array of Street Food Vendors with literally hundreds of different dishes, each carefully prepared by the expert and lifelong hawkers on the bustling streets of the metropolis. A brief retreat onto the city's Chao Phraya River by long tail boat reveals the famous Floating Markets that feature the most vibrant and exotic fresh fruit and snacks you will have seen. If you want to experience more off of the beaten path, head south from Thailand to Vietnam where breakfast consists of Pho soup noodles and ice cold sweet milk tea - the culinary tastes diversify as you head down the Mekong. 


If you're a foodie looking for your next gastronomic hit we would love to organise your next adventure - our own Foodie Adventurers are on hand to provide tips from their experiences whether it be from Vietnam or Venezuela.


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These are just a small selection of the delicious adventures that we are able to put together for you.