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Rome Skyline
You are fascinated by people, places, and history - every place has a story to share. You live to explore historic wonders and discover cultural gems. You can’t wait to immerse yourself in a different culture, to see what makes it tick and what makes it unique, you’re always in search of meaningful and inspiring moments. You’d love to see it all, but you’ve got to start somewhere on your lengthy bucket list of ancient temples, Moroccan bazaars, and colourful music festivals.
— Your motto is, “live in the moment” - you are a Culture Junkie.

As a culture junkie, what other place on earth could be more exciting than Rome - the “eternal city”. Brimming with historic treasures and culture so rich you could almost taste it, this storied city offers an adventure at every historic corner. From The Colosseum, to Vatican museums, and grand Sistine Chapels, to the endless number of squares and fountains that pay homage to the city’s renaissance and baroque districts, there are boundless opportunities for exploration. If you want to get a slice of Rome’s most tasteful and iconic treasures in a limited space of time, a walking tour is the perfect way to experience the city like a local. 


Ravenous from all that walking? Be sure to taste Rome’s beloved street food at Pizzeria da Remo for paper thin wood fired pizzas, the Roman way. One could not leave this city without sipping its renowned, and potent coffee whilst soaking in its sights, smells, and sounds. Canova Tadolini is one of the hundreds of welcoming coffee shops that the city has to offer - it also doubles as a whimsical museum restaurant. Visitors dine amongst the most intricate statues and ornaments in this restaurant known as the heir of Antonio Canova’s atelier. 


For an experience you will find nowhere else, you have to visit Marrakech - the land where east meets west. A city bursting with colours, spice, and weaving alleys, you will find yourself lost in the complex mazes of markets. Visit Medina to explore its labyrinth of colourful markets, and complex network of souks - markets within markets. Here you will find distinct goods, from pungent spices to intricate rugs and carefully handcrafted riches. Whether you’re into traditional delights or gourmet cuisine, you will find fresh salads and fragrant tagines to satisfy any personality whether it may be low-key or high maintenance. After a long day on your feet, treat yourself to an afternoon at a Hamman and try a traditional cleansing ritual. The Hamman is more than relaxation - it is a treasured ritual with just as much character as Marrakech’s markets and storied architecture. Heritage Spa  located in Bab Doukkala of Medina offers a range of relaxing treatments using natural plant and restorative oils to leave you revitalised. This cosy spa delights not only with its quiet and peaceful atmosphere, but also its charming traditional Moroccan interior.


We're here to both advise and curate the perfect cultural escape for you, whether it be to the Roman coliseum or the Rio carnival we can definitely make your dreams come true.  


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