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Milan Coffeeshop
You are drawn to the excitement and thrilling allure of the city. You’ve always wanted to immerse yourself in distinct cityscapes and historic architecture. You love the idea of endless shops and bars, and can’t wait to discover little gems - unique boutiques whether it be food or clothes that owe themselves to eccentric and passionate owners. You dream about the perfect night out with someone special, at a remarkable opera or musical.
— You are undoubtedly a city explorer
Gardens by the Bay

The city is full of surprise, an adventure awaits at every corner. One thing a city cannot live without is its coffee - each city has its own local coffee shops where sleepy workers pile in each morning to get their trusted fix of caffeine, and on the weekends become a chilled place for friendly chatter and people watching. Little is known about the humble barista but each city has its own tribe, powering the workforce and city explorer alike. 

Take Milan as an example, providing you follow Italian coffee etiquette you're sure to find a coffee-shop to take your fancy. Whether it be Peck with their own special blends produced exclusively for them, or Taveggia with its art-deco interior and traditional and decadent Milanese pastries. If you are looking for something quirkier there's Gogol Café, a coffeehouse that doubles as a bookshop, so you can enjoy your favourite read whilst sipping on their unique brew. 

If coffee isn't your morning brew of choice perhaps one of Singapore's traditional teahouses is more your thing. Singapore is a cultural melting pot and a garden metropolis where old meets new - Malay teahouses sit amongst colonial relics beneath towering skyscrapers. Singapore's Tea Chapter is a must see, where tea visits and workshops take place in a traditional quaint interior featuring traditional teak designs. Tucked away in the cavernous metropolis you will find this gem, so storied the Queen visited it on her last trip to the country. Also known as the Garden City, Singapore has held on to its tropical roots. This is no better exemplified than at Gardens By The Bay where horticulture meets the height of modernity. 50 metre Super-trees kiss the sky illuminating the gardens after dusk and from the treetop skywalks the green city can be seen below.

The word metropolis cannot be said without images of Manhattan, the heart of the "Big Apple" coming to mind. The bustling borough is teaming with an endless array of bars to the suit the desires of any city dweller or city explorer alike. As night sweeps the city, Manhattan's hectic streets light up for yet another night of excitement. From the traditional American gastro sports bar The Grayson, to the classy and intimate cocktail bar The Up & Up, there's something for everyone. For a dose of live jazz and lounging, The Rum House is a perfect and easy retreat after a packed day of sightseeing in the theatre district where this little treasure is nestled. Equally as famous as its vibrant nightlife, Manhattan is home to the famed Broadway Theatres. Cats, Chicago, Aladdin and more take the stage and hearts of many, in the unquestionably magical experience of Broadway.

Many of our team are City Explorers and each have their own secret spots in the sprawling metropolises of the world, we are best placed to match you with the perfect city of your choice.



City Adventures

These are just a small selection of escapes to the metropolis that we are able to put together for you.