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You can’t wait to escape the miserable gloomy weather at home - why does it always have to be wet and cold? You can’t get enough of the sun, the smell of salt in the air, and sweet silence. You’re always craving the feeling of soft sand between your toes, of a warm breeze running through your hair. You constantly find yourself waking up from day dreams of lounging by cool water whilst watching the sun dip into the horizon with your loved ones, a glass of crisp white wine in hand. You wish you could spend your evenings relaxing, having quiet conversations - wonderful food and wine until the depths of night.
— You’re always yearning for your next dose of sun and sea, you are a Beach Breezer.

As a Beach Breezer you know there are "beaches" and then there are beaches. Whilst our local beaches of the Gower Peninsula have a particular charm, the beaches of the Indian Ocean are the latter. The Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles have that wow factor as soon as you land on the calm deep blue below. A little closer to home there are still some of the most beautiful fine sandy beaches that nature has to offer - most notably the long sandy stretches of Malvarrosa beach, just outside of Valencia with over 1000 metres to stroll and feel the sand in-between your toes. On the opposite side of mainland Spain and in the heart of the Basque country lies San Sebastián's crescent shaped La Concha. It is so well protected by the surrounding mountains that the sun drenched coastline remains largely wind free for most of the year. The healing properties of a dip in the waters off of La Concha are well documented and since Spain's Queen Isabel II was sent here for her 'bath therapy' the destination has remained the summer residence of the Spanish royal family ever since.


Thailand’s beaches are stunning enough to satisfy any Beach Breezer's holiday dreams. The unspoilt stretches of Koh Lanta aren’t heaving with backpackers, but rather holiday makers in their 30s and beyond in search of silence, remarkable views, and adventure whether it be solo or with loved ones. Located in Krabi southern Thailand, the laid back island is teaming with vivid coral reefs, marine life, and winding mangroves. Not only is the island beautiful - it’s also a hub of historic culture. Ko Lanta is home to Malay ancestors, Thai Chinese, and sea gypsies also known as Chao Leh. The historic site of Lanta Old Town houses traditional temples, authentic Thai restaurants and an old pier - a perfectly serene spot to watch long tail boats drift by after a taxing day of lounging on one of the island’s tranquil beaches! No matter what kind of Beach Breezer you may be, you can find simple beach shacks or minimalist luxury resorts alike to rest your head  in anticipation for another day of bliss.


If you are a quiet-seeker, Kantiang Bay located in the southern part of the island will take your fancy. An endless stretch of soft sand, clear emerald sea and quiet, makes for the quintessential beach where adults can relax, and energetic children can play to their hearts’ content. If you get peckish, located in the southern corner of Kantiang Bay, you will find Same Same but Different- a magical little restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, amazing fresh food and an impossibly cold supply of local beer.


If action and adventure is your thing, be sure to take a kayaking trip to view the numerous charismatic islands that are dotted around Koh Lanta. Glide across the warm Andaman sea, explore hollow islands, and soak in the magnificence of towering rocks.


Whether it be the tropical sands of Thai Islands and the Indian Ocean or the majestic long beaches of the Spanish coastline, we have a member of our team that has been there and heard the waves hitting the shore - they are ready to make your next beach escape come true. 


Ocean Adventures

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