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Dates: 6-10th Nov (depending on each region)

Join India’s biggest festival, or “festival of lights” Diwali this year. Diwali, or Deepavali in Sanskrit translates to “row of lights”. The renown annual 5 day celebration sweeps the nation, as Indian families gather in homes and on the streets to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Whilst Diwali is marked by loud fireworks and the bright light of flames, it is also a time for quiet personal reflection. The vibrant festival is celebrated differently in each region, with dates and customs differing across distinct areas. As such, celebrations tend to take place before and after the week-long main festivities.

Each day of Diwali has its own particular festivities. The first day celebrates wealth - families buy gold and clean their houses to welcome the Goddess of prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi into their homes. On the second day crackers are set off to commemorate the belief that Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali destroyed the demon Narakasura and freed captive princesses. Day three is considered the main day of Diwali - countless small dish-like clay lamps called diyas are lit and fireworks are set off. The bright spectacle of this day is what has earned Diwali its pet name, the “festival of lights”. On the fourth day traders start accounts anew, giving thanks and prayers. The last day, also known as Bhaji Duj celebrates the sisterly bond - brothers and sisters gather to share food and honour the special bond between siblings. 

Diwali is very much celebrated within Indian homes despite loud displays on the streets. If you want to get a genuine taste of this extraordinary festival, why not consider celebrating Diwali with an Indian homestay? This is the perfect occasion to join in gift giving, get a sari made, and be part of the festival. 

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Why should you go?

The famous Diwali festival has to be experienced in its birthplace - India.

The country comes to be a warm place (quite literally!) filled with optimism and positive energy. As such a diverse nation, you can experience one festival in many different ways. In Goa, the destruction of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna is the focal point of the state’s celebrations - competitions are held for Narakasura effigies which are set aflame. In Varanasi, ghats (or steps leading down to the river) glow vividly as they are decorated with candles, and diyas gently set sail along the river Ganges. What better place to watch the thrilling fireworks than by the captivating Ganges?

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