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Holi Festival


Celebrate the end of winter in this festival of colours.

Holi is a playful and colourful Hindu spring festival, typically celebrated in India and other Hindu regions, although this “festival of colours” has become well known in Europe. The festival is not just a rave, traditionally Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and the end of winter, celebrating a good harvest. It is a day for everyone to put aside their differences, to play, laugh, and forgive and celebrate the triumph of good over evil with the throwing of coloured powders. The dusty red, vibrant blue, sunny yellow, and rich green powders all symbolise different values. Red expresses love, yellow reflects turmeric which was used traditionally, blue is known as the colour of deity Krishna, and green marks spring and the arrival of the new. The colourful play and fight of the festival takes place amongst temples, and on the streets.

Holi Festival Dehli

Why should you go?

Holi is much more than a rave, the festival celebrates people and the arrival of the new in a colourful event that takes the streets. If you choose to celebrate it in India, Holi is a once in a lifetime chance to experience a playful side to the ancient country. Let your hair down, take high spirits into Autumn and prepare to be showered in vibrant colours.



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