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Snow and Ice Festival

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Experience carvings the size of buildings in the largest snow and ice festival in the world.

The Snow and Ice Festival in Hairbin is celebrated annually based on a new theme each year, and spans 600,000 square metres. The harsh winters of Hairbin are transformed into a colourful celebration of ice sculpture, which is growing each year and attracting visitors worldwide eager to experience its enchantment. The scale of the sculptures in the Snow and Ice Festival are the largest in the world, reaching over 40 metres high. The festival has become renown not only because of its scale, but also because of the technologically advanced lighting used to create beautiful and intricate lighting effects.

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

Why should you go?

During this icy festival Hairbin offers a number of winter activities. For the adventure seeker, alpine skiing in Yabuli and winter-swimming in Songhua River are exhilarating options to satisfy a craving for adventure. For the cultural junkie, the ice lantern exhibition in Zhaolin Garden is a fantastical sight and experience. Grab your coats, and immerse yourself in a kingdom of ice.


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