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Grande Braderie de Lille 2017

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Re-discover the flemish city Lille, of Northern France as it transforms into the largest flea market in Europe.

The first weekend of September each year marks the transformation of the flemish city Lille, into an international flea market attraction. Each year, the vibrant city welcomes over 2 million visitors and locals alike, with a warm, busy atmosphere and magnificent architecture. The market is one of the most revered events in France and beyond, and is known to be the place for bargain hunting magpies. For foodies, the traditional ritual of eating “moules frites” or mussels with French fries is a must: the streets heave with mountainous piles of shells. 

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Why should you go?

The scale of the market is itself an attraction, combined with celebrations and events it is a must see. Whether you’re a bargain hunting magpie, foodie, or cultural junkie, Grande Braderie de Lille is a friendly and festive event that celebrates the culture of Lille, food, and people.


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