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Carnival of Venice

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Join this masked celebration that has been a tradition since the 13th century, and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Renown for its elaborately masked party goers, the Carnival of Venice takes place annually in the historic and storied streets of this “city on water”. The festival welcomes the arrival of the warmer months with the celebration of historic craftsmanship, and an extravagant gathering of masked crowds. Traditionally Venetian masks were crafted by revered maskmakers who held a privileged position in society - designs were simplistic, symbolic, and functional. Nowadays, designs are more ornate and often feature the use of gleaming gold leaf. Much of the carnival’s activities take place in St Mark’s Square or “la Piazza”- each year the search for the finest costume commences in this iconic venue. 

Carnival of Venice

Why you should go?

Also known as “the city of love”, Venice awakes during Carnival and its streets fill with embellished masked dancers poised with mystery. To experience the carnival’s spirit, you must try your hand at an authentic costume which can be found at a number of traditional artisans. If you are in search of a thrilling sensation, visit this festival on a weekend, especially the last weekend. For those in search of glamour, join the festival’s most elite party, Valentine’s Grand Masquerade Ball. See another side to Venice, and experience the world’s most elaborate party- the Carnival of Venice is certainly a bucket list affair.

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