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This low-key and vibrant Australian travel destination has something to offer every traveller...

This low-key and vibrant Australian travel destination has something to offer every traveller, whether they are an art and history lover, a party animal or a beach devotee. Interestingly, Perth is closer to Bali than it is to Sydney, and farther away from Canberra than it is from Singapore.

This city has a claim on the best of the best beaches in Australia. Whether visitors love beach sports, or prefer to lounge in the sun or in a beachside café, with the myriad of beaches Perth has to offer they’d be able to find their perfect spot. This is also the perfect destination to enjoy cloudless skies and sunbathe, as it is known for being one of the sunniest locations in Australia.

For travellers preferring green spaces and great city views, there are also plenty of these in Perth. Kings Park, for instance, spans over 400 hectares and offers fantastic views of both the stunning Swan River and the city skyline. With wide streets and footpaths, and a slower pace of life than the other major Australian destinations, Perth is without a doubt a city made for walking.



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⭐️ Remember to pack your shades. Perth is known for being the sunniest Australian capital with 3000 hours of sunshine a year (in fact, according to some it’s the sunniest place in the world!) so make sure you have sun screen and sunglasses in your suitcase.


⭐️ Take in the sunset. If you are only making one trip to the beach during your stay in Perth, our top pick would be the beach-side suburb Cottesloe which offers an unrivalled view of the sun setting into the Indian Ocean.


⭐️ Cycle around Rottnest Island. ‘Rotto’ isn’t just a picturesque getaway peppered with stunning beaches and bays – it is also the home of a large Quokka population who could easily surpass Koalas in charm.


⭐️ Take a walk in the 19th century. Fremantle (also known locally as ‘Freo’) is a town busting with character and history – famous for being the ‘world’s best preserved … 19th century port streetscape’, it presents visitors with a mixture of original buildings, vibrant markets and charming cafes.

⭐️ Dine sustainably. The Greenhouse is one of the hottest restaurants in Perth – the whole mission of the establishment focuses on the concept of sustainability, that much is evident from the recycled furniture throughout, as well as the quality produce grown in the rooftop garden.


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